Sunday, November 25, 2007

Lead on Refraining Hand

My ordained world
All about me crumbles
Across the placid skies
A mighty thunder rumbles

I find myself a sudden
In stagnant confines
Sharing my wretched space
With wild vermin and wines

I watch in desolation
The fair seasons pass me by
Painting their sacred colours
Across the stretch of sky

They bring with them in measure
The subtle joys of growth
A stinging reminder
Of my own barren worth

A Rude Hand keeps me fenced in
Restraining me tight
I huff and I puff… but
I just can’t put things right

It does indeed seem
That I’ve run out of steam
How can I now dare?
Ever dare to dream?

(You can, you can, and you must
To keep you sane
You ought to know you’re
Being kept off eternal pain)

So I fold my helpless hands
Now in fervid prayer
I put my lofty burden
In His trust and care

I shall yet soar away
From this inert wilderness
I shall yet find my place
My domain of happiness

The hand that keeps me tied in
Shall lead me to my niche
There, songs unsung I’ll sing
In my fullest, hearty pitch

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