Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I fail
To meet myself
In thought and deed today
I’d like to scream
And shout and keep
The wolves at bay

Each day
Brilliantly masquerades
Its promises unknown
And slips right by
With a chuckle
The dog has lost his bone

The pall of gloom
A shade thicker,
Is preying on my fear
A smudge over my hopes,
My cherished dreams
And all that I hold dear

I must have lost
My imagination, I can scarce
Discern with ardour
Drunk with
Deep despair, I just can’t
Face the candour

Merry claps of thunder
I’d savoured snug in bed
Those very claps of thunder
Now fill me up with dread

I sulk at the chirpy
Birds in the trees
I curse the cats
And the dancing breeze

I’ve lost my beat
And my go-go rhythm
And have penned in here
This soulful anthem

Great God!
I know I’ve lost my way
I’m simply lost to my self
My word!
This must be ennui at play
This must be death itself

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