Wednesday, November 28, 2007


There’s no where to run
No place to hide
There’s no one about
With arms open wide

Pondering over
The burden I’ve borne
I can but wring
My hands and mourn

Why o’ why did I
Not think twice?
Looking back now,
I see it was unwise

I let myself
By my naiveté be ruled
And as a consequence
Let myself be fooled

Though I did see
The black from the white
To deal with the same,
I was short of insight

Prudence ‘n’ Patience
Reads the writing on the wall
I’ll have to bide my time
I’ll have to wait my call

But I need not run
And I need not hide
I’m only asked to put
All my fears aside

I only need do
What is good and sound
Soon I’ll see that
My millennium I’ve found

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