Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Will someone tell me
If life’s institutions
Indeed our very lives
Can be compressed
To a neat clockwork
That there is
Such a wide divide?

Some get so much and are
Scarce worth their lot
The worthy get the crumbs
That would hardly
Lace their pots

You speak
By the measure of a world
That’s alien to my mind
For I cannot
Confine myself
To smug and pious acres
Worshipping faceless art
And miscellaneous
Jealous Gods

One here for pelf
Another here for reign

I would rather
I followed my vein
Come sunshine
Come pain

Than conform
To your sly measure
And be made a soulless

Persuade me not
To toe
Your narrow, domestic line
I cannot walk in
Your sun
Your stars
Do not shine for me

Give me a little leeway
Let me go a free
Come, bid me
To my limelight
That I may be
Just me


Thaddeus Gunn said...

Hiya. I'm wandering around checking out the blogs of other other copywriters like myself. I wanted to find out what copywriters write when they're not writing copy.

For the sake of introduction, here's my professional life in a nutshell: 20 years in copywriting; currently Senior Copywriter for MRM Worldwide (McCann-Erickson), Seattle. Private life: I write. I hike. I blog:

Excellent verse, by the way. Cheers.

Instinctive Traveller said...

thaddeus: Thank you for dropping by and your kind comments. I never thought anyone would drop by. You're the first to comment on this blog of mine. I write other stuff too: Will check out your blog too. Thanks.

Sajan said...

Hey...Just dropped by your blog.

Loved it !!

sm said...

very thoughtful

Kamini said...

For someone who claims to have lost the poetic are doing really well!!! Nice stuff!

GSai said...
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GSai said...

nice flow of verse. refreshing, just like the drops on the template! :)

Instinctive Traveller said...

Sajan: Thank you.

sm: Thank you.

Kamini: Thank you. These were penned a long time ago. I just don't have the patience for any more. Or maybe I'm not very receptive any longer. : )

G Sai: Thank you. It's a Blogger template.

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kavi said...

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